I've heard that it is not legal to use Drones for Aerial Real Estate Photography?

We are 100% legal. The FAA has developed a set of proposed ordinances and regulations governing the commercial use of drones known as FAA 107. As a member of the Sky Eye Network. NMDrone4Hire meets all requirements and is in full compliance with the FAA.


What do I do on the day of the shoot?

Nothing! If we will need permission from someone on the property to conduct the shoot, please notify us before hand. If your project requires interior photography make sure the operator has permission and access to the property on the date of the shoot.


Is there anything I need to do to the pictures to put them on the MLS for Real Estate Photography?

No, we deliver them to you MLS ready in the highest possible resolution the MLS will allow.


How long does it take to do an aerial video of a property?

I would say at least 1 hour to a max of two hours. It always helps to have the property in order before hand so that no time is spent staging the property.